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The nebulous presence of impeding distractions giving rise to misplaced

priority to what the life journey is meant to flourish:

I travel this path to this life given

Distracted from seeking the truth to Being

Though my mind has not been dulled to its presence

It is the search for this truth to enlightenment

That my spirit seeks its knowing

That I may flourish by the fruits of its giving

To in turn be empowered with its teaching

That those others in my presence

May too favor from its reward



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Birth of a Child

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Dedicated to a good friend who is Father to his first child:


Birth of a Child

Becoming Father, to Child, a new life borne;

Brings new meaning to life’s passage;

A path marked with hurdles, not forewarned.


Now each day’s beginning, discovery is met;

As a new life’s meaning, begins to unfold;

Filled with new surprises, surpassing any regrets


Challenges to past norms, increasingly out of sight;

The miracle of wonder, experience to discovery;

The birth of a child, brings to an adult’s life.







Simple Words

I look at you, you look my way
Hoping from your lips the words to say
That you love me, you will always stay
Simple words to forever change my day

I was born by you an unwanted child
The source reason to my growing wild
The years of days I forced a smile
With a cold heart by a life defiled

Burdened by knowing, not knowing love
The main ingredient to what I’m now made of
Getting what I get – push and shove
Trying not to fit like an ill-fitting glove

I look at you, you look my way
Hoping from your lips words too late to say
Simple words that could have changed my day
Words of love from which I would never stray.

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