American Sniper – reaction

The growing malaise that envelopes global, civil-society centered on the distorted and biased perception of Islamist faith and the generalized demonization of those whom practice this faith has but one direction to go; a direction calculated toward an end that becomes increasingly obvious and realized with each passing day. The aim is global conflagration deemed initiated by Islāmic fundamentalist groups such as ISIS and Al Quida but, in truth, instigated by the collective of western political, industrial, financial institutions bent on achieving their pathological, hegemonic interests. Humanity, the 99%, serve as cannon-fodder, dispensable items of no intrinsic value to the 1% whom since time-immemorial, have gained in power through wealth of blood-money philanthropically and strategically dispensed to emblemize their place of superiority; seen by them as meager compensation for the sacrifices of the many over whom they rule. The truly unfortunate aspect of this reality: a majority of the 99% have for the most part, `drunk of the kool-aide’ freely served-up by the minions bought and paid for in the guise of doctrines named democracy, freedom of speech, human-rights and most laughable: equality for all!

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