Stephen F. Cohen is professor emeritus of Russian studies

In response to an article titled Distorting Russia: How the US Media Misrepresents Sochi, Putin, and Ukraine written by Stephen F. Cohen is professor emeritus of Russian studies at New York University and professor emeritus of politics at Princeton University. His books include Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives: From Stalinism to the New Cold War.

This piece originally appeared in The Nation. ,


I submitted the following comment:

Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Syria, Venezuela, Ukraine…. a growing list of countries thrown into chaos premised on civil unrest purportedly spawned from decades of repressive, dictatorial regimes.

We, the citizens of so-called western democracies, whose treasure and prodigy are willfully and obligingly expended in these conflagrations; we should demand emphasis be directed toward clarifying the motivation(s) of our political elites in their life-expending, strategic decision-making, game of global chess that is blindly supported through partisan biased, sound-bite echoing, ill-informed commercial main-stream media reporting and, the sycophant behavior of equally ill-informed and financially motivated pundits.

As an avid follower of these unsettling, world events it is increasingly difficult to believe in the functionality of civil, global society; a collective that appears willing to let itself to be driven toward an apocalyptic abyss by the pathological, psychopathic maneuverings of but a few of our species. If there is ever a time in our human history that represents the worse of humanity it is Now, this time, this place. On every front, every issue, chaos presents an opportunity for the collapse of civil, human existence to which our elected representatives respond; not with solution but, with derision, division and duplicitous rhetoric.


As the world spins on its axis tilt

Twenty-four hours of blood to be spilled

Humanity’s participants long for the day

Brutality and evil will have gone away

If history speaks as loudly as it does

Bullets and famine will win over love

Turbulence and chaos reflected in the skies

Surprisingly, some naively still ask: why?

Though beauty of flora and fauna still exist

As casket wreaths, its spoils their bliss

Mankind toward destruction seems inclined

What miracle to change will it have to find?


For all the suffering and malcontent

Giving rise to hell on Earth – destruction bent

For the energies that are being ill-spent

Humanity’s dissolution is the final end event

Gory are the pictures of dead and the maimed

In whose honor is this blasphemy named

And in the end, what is to be gained?

For some pious belief or altruistic fame.

I am tired of the need to descent

To throw stones that don’t even dent

Bullet chamber in reply being spent

When will this needless human suffering relent?

The factions on each side

To ancient belief they blindly abide

But the reality will not hide

When today’s loved ones are the ones to die!

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