Happiness and Mirth?


T’were this 21st century era represented as a societal rubber-band,

Stretched each opposite way by caste’s differing hand,

Taken ultimately to a point it will no longer expand,

Forces unleashed by its breaking, a revolutionary fire it will fan.


Appeasement and contrite rhetoric will become increasingly hollow,

No longer will the meek find reason for it to swallow,

Nor for the mire and muck of impoverishment to wallow,

It is then the true wrath of the downtrodden will follow.


Barbed-wire and gated-walls will the outbreak resist,

But when all hope is lost, death becomes a virtue to enlist,

For the goal is not to the unfortunate whom now exist,

But to their progeny: for the same struggle not to persist.


This potential, destructive path need not find its birth,

Were each human-being given their common worth,

To equally share in the wealth given to this earth,

That life-lived be with fullness of happiness and mirth.

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