Walnut Trees

Walnut Trees

Walnut Trees

Binary Souls

Entombed to the Wood

Born to this world

To Know

To experience the tides of time

A living memeory

For all to see

To All, to know

Walnut Trees

Ominous yet, strikingly graceful, towering tall,

With wind-swept leaf laden branches too strong to fall;

Their thick, deeply channeled bark speaks to a timeless stand,

Defying death by disease growing mighty and grand.

Age-old witness to the passage of human history,

Intolerant to cycles of drought and winter misery;

Here only to serve their natural purpose; to purify Earth’s air,

Their lushful green grandeur of beauty; a gift to humanity to share.

As with all that is natural, an end time will one day come

When the boldness of their presence, no longer hides the Sun;

A sad day truly, for all whom have failed to witness, to see,

This wonder of nature’s doing, these centuries old, Walnut trees.

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