Winter Country



The brilliant white florescence of new fallen snow
Transcends an otherwise grey day to magically glow
Pine trees heavily laden, their branches begin to bow
The wonder of winter country, so few get to know

The crack and creek of ice, the lake hardens to the freeze
Snow drifts sculpted, carved by mild wind breeze
Chimney smoke rises, dancing above barren trees
A wondrous sight, does nothing but please

Though the fallen temps chill to the bone
Nothing beats a snowy walk, with friends or alone
Only to return to a hearth warmed home
To a cup of hot chocolate, a raspberry scone

Winter, a brief season that comes but once a year
A time of dread for some, others gleefully cheer
With warm woolen mitts and scarf, the cold’s not to fear
It’s a time to be alive, to be thankful you are here.

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