Enveloping Fields

Enveloped and consumed by electronic technology’s gain;

More compact, faster wireless communication the inventor’s aim.

What cost is acceptable for this modern expediency to our earthly domain,

As an intrusive sea of invisible electric fields make greater claim?

Cellular constructs of all nature’s creation

Are not designed for this modern state of infiltration.

What mutations will arise by this unexpected habitation,

Will it ultimately result in Death’s untimely consecration?

Future generations are left the burden of this uncertain result,

It will be to their fore-fathers to assert source of the fault.

Is this a legacy in history desired for the future to consult

Or, is there still time to bring this selfish madness to a halt?


AUTHOR’S NOTE: To put this poem into context viewing of the linked video will serve to enlighten the reader as to the impact modern wireless technology may be having on all that inhabit this planet: RESONANCE

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