Blank Page

Feeling compelled to compose something of substance I could only come up with the following due to a strange sense of mind:

A blank page lays before me waiting to be blemished with markings representing some semblance of meaning in the form of words that will express my thoughts in a fashion of form and order that will with luck and exposure, conjure a response within the known and ideally yet to be known, spectrum of human emotion (I would include aliens but they’re not suppose to exist) yet to know exactly what those words ought to be is not exactly clear to me so my intention from this point forward is to basically put down the words as they manifest in that part of my brain responsible for such activity with the hope that I won’t forget what those words are by the time they reach the finger tips of my hands that take on the charge of pushing the keys to the keypad with further hope that I don’t misspell or misuse any specific word such that it throws off any potential reader from realizing the relevance of this piece that appears to be materializing to my astonishment, right before my eyes and further, that the imperative of proper grammar and punctuation is appropriately emphasized and not over done as has been known to occur in past writings that unlike this writing were constructed with a premeditated thought of purpose guiding its development be it a poem, prose or even short story that I am known by those who know me, to have written and several of them I may add, though much of them have yet to be widely distributed for critical review, a review that may prove too harmful to my fragile psyche were the critique to be less then flattering potentially giving rise to not writing anything more – full stop.

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