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Nature’s Gift


Meandering through the mystic haze of fantasy’s delight
My mind takes to a joyous and wondrous flight
Maneuvering the senses through whimsical, playful light
Making this mental journey a spectacular sight

Animated characters of hallucination’s invent
A creative response to suppressed emotions intent
Allowing the expunging of suffering to gain content
An experience not lost to time of moment spent

Over the counter and cannabis do not prevail
Oxycotton, crack destroy this freedom sail
Onslaught of artificiality does imagination curtail
One need only freshness of nature’s air to inhale

This nurturing gift is there to freely imbibe
To enrich the body Soul, to know it’s alive
Taken oft for granted that by it all do survive
To destroy it,  death to all, it surely will derive.

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