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Blessing Purge


Through the lens of seeing the state of this world,
Its dwindling beauty shows dire signs its coming unfurled,
The presence of an illness plague spreads unabated
Sadness comes knowing it’s humanity conflated

Generation after generation cautionary signs being ignored
Heedless to the wrath of darkness ebbing ever closer more
Conspiring to hide the true fate of what is to come
Smart technologies contrarily keep the majority dumb

When will it arrive and, in what manner manifest?
The list of poisons is long, whatever feels the best
No matter the manner or ferocity of the final scourge
Mother Earth will surely recover from this blessing purge.


Unbridled Permission

Stricken by intrusion of illness’ gain,
Stoic to the suffering, enduring the pain;
Strident by its presence, yet not to complain.

Harsh reality for many forced to endure,
Waiting patiently, for science to find cure;
A time given for emotions to rile pure.

External to this challenged imposition,
Observances at times, want for revision;
To give the afflicted, unbridled permission.

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