Forever Home



The braveness of our naive youth directs
Choice of an alternate path of place to select
To face the challenge for once to be brave
To leave what in memory only is to be saved

Times passage dulls the painful emotion
Letting life speed ahead with locomotion
Striving to conquer our desired ambition goals
Uncertain to what wealth of fulfillment it holds

Decades seamlessly fall by the way
Filled with heart-aches, love and play
Then arrives the call to re-examine purpose
When memories of youthful times resurface

The unwitting sense of return to our youthful home
Takes on a recurring, pronounced mental drone
Not with a beckoning charmed-voice call
But with an allure one cannot fore-stall

Defiant defenses having finally succumb
Forgetting what was lost for what is won
Rejoicing again in all that was once known
To finally return to what forever will be home.

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