Life Remaining


Exiting a life-period  humorously referenced a `sobaticle’, to embark the next and definitely, last phase of a life journey; this reflection inspired the following:

Life Remaining

Riding the crest of happiness’ wave

Washed ashore from a sea of self-inflicted turbulence

Rendered to a promise land of bliss and reward

Buttressed by the strength of goodness to achieve.


Reclusive solitude transformed to energy gain

Yielding abundance to new resource expenditure

Toward dreams’ formative realization

Resilient to imposed limitations to confidence.


Surrounded and imbued by echoes to a past

Filtered remnants of experienced passage of time

Reflections of the best of life moments lived

To render reclamation of emotional elation.


What promise this remaining life will favor

Is given only to limitations of the Mind to achieve

For the binds of restriction are forever torn

Anchored in the truth this realization is believed.

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