Unearthly Process’ Reward


The start to this new chapter of life,
Fostered through six years of Self-exploration;
Fraught with anguish, anxiety and strife,
Is reaping reward through hope and determination,
To finally see life through a brighter, more fulfilling light.

Birth-passage to this prospective, last phase to this life-journey,
Exerted a toll of deep darkness to be endured,
A conscious test of willingness to be proven worthy,
Of elimination of all burden of hardship; to be finally cured,
By timely power of provenience seemingly unearthly.

What resource of benefit this next era shall yield
Remains unlimited but by self-imposed restriction,
Rending a chance for betterment with vigor and zeal,
To blot-out avenues of negativity and dereliction,
Yielding a positiveness to life, others are able to feel.

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