Chaos’ Fire

Depravity of mind resides within us all
Fortunately, most are able to deny its invidious call
Though increasingly, this strength is beginning to wane
The question that arises: What cause is to blame?

Could the economic turmoil, increasingly prevalent on a global scale,
Be the ultimate cause as civil institutions have or, are at the brink to fail?
The ranks of the financially impoverished are growing day by day,
Robust political rhetoric is futile to alter the coming, destructive, tsunami wave.

Scholars and intellectuals broach solutions, a remedy course;
Five years hence the financial collapse; achieved is only conflicting discourse
Economist revel in knowing what effective monetary policy is to end the blithe
The only gain from their wisdom knowledge is unrelenting human strife.

Taking from the adage: The best way to fight a raging fire is with fire;
The chaos enveloping the world be remedied by inciting chaos, though not desired
May, in the end, be the only reasonable path to regain global, civil and economic order
Whether in or outside, any one nation’s sovereign border.

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