Parlaying scientific understanding to Nature’s natural birth

Through genetic modification of Seed put to Earth

A wondrous gift given generations of humankind

A gift with potential to be lost for all future time

Humanity is at the threshold to agri-food-corp enslavement

A global phenomenon that seems beyond containment

Impudent, purchased government blindly legislate the prevailing condition

Ignoring the public outcry to deny proliferation and permission

Those to whom greed of wealth arises from this abomination

Deem themselves beyond all natural and legislated laws of Nations

Emboldened with knowledge their food source will always be natural and safe

The potential death of the greater population hinders not its implementation pace

Passage of time will render truth to the offering of this modified genetic fruit

Or, are the altruistic goals of elite and powerful for humanity to become moot

Begging the question: Is the deadly potential of this human experiment needed

Or, is humanity better served by the eons-old method, Earth is naturally seeded?

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