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The swollen prick disappears through the blood engorged lips of his wet, deep sucking mouth; massaging the hardening, vein-swelling shaft; milking it deeper yet, usurping the gag-reflex of his deep, gullet throat; mimicking the rare-heights of ecstasy derived from a talented hand-job, edging ever closer to the ultimate explosion; sure to let only the pearl drops of precious pre-cum, to glide ever so exquisitely along the moist, sensuous membrane of his throat’s await for the swollen, crown-head of cock to worm its way with pulsating rhythm of its owners beating heart; pulse growing ever faster as excitement to climatic, electrifying, orgasm-release of man-juiced ball-sack swollen by pressure of desire; pleasure building; releasing, shooting, thick, crème-globs of sweet tasting hot cum; a want-extinguishing, fire-hose stream splashing, coating, the expectant, demanding throat, of an insatiable cock-sucker.



Laying naked, spell-bound, following a torrid evening of drug-infused, sexo-erotic debauchery; legs splayed seductively wide, nursing an abused, semi-erect, though mercilessly cum-drained phallus that, forsaking its true, pre-ordained creationist purpose; rejoicing for having participated in this  living human experience that surpassed any expectation in heights of carnal, orgasmic pleasure otherwise deemed improbable though, obviously, quite physically capable of its realization.

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