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FYI: Russell Brand featured advocating change to the present legislative political, financial institutions making it possible for members of banking institutions and their wealthy elite clients to evade prosecution for financial criminal activity while the majority of civil society suffer financial burden of imposed recession.


Curiosity’s Bubble

Each day becomes a challenge to live
For it gives rise to search for truth to its purpose
The intellect of mind source to invent many an idea
Yet the proof to its confirming truth ever elusive

Like a worm bait at the end of a fishing line
Taunted to the awareness of its existence
Yet beyond the grasp of its tangible touch
Eluding the concreteness to its reality

Constant is the question of when comes the relief
Derived by the spewing forth of all there is to know
Allowing for the ultimate deflation of curiosity’s bubble
Creating opportunity for energies spent to new direction



While watching my cute, furry little buddy as he slept, eyes moving about under closed lids and the occasional twitching of his hind and front paws, gave me pause to wonder what is going on inside his little head, what dreams of might is he conjuring to stimulate his otherwise woken world of domestication? Hence the following:



heavy, eyes slumber from this world of domestication
to enter a nether world of dream’s creation
here as hunter, master of dens procreation
ruler to this land, championing challenge altercation

fed by the bowels of pray fallen by cunning
fear instilled onto others by presence stunning
senses staying acute even in restful sunning
the sudden lurch of power loins see them running

a sudden noise, sensory twitch commands immediate attention
awakening evolution script to assess the situation
muscles involuntarily poised to danger, a confrontation
manifesting only to be human master’s feeding subjugation


I The Jew – the money-lender

Author’s Note: The following composition is not intended to be inflammatory toward any person of the Jewish faith or following nor otherwise to be labelled `antisemitic’ though some may limit it to be such. It is purely a free-form expression of  how I as OBSERVER, encapsulate the evolution of global events and the principle factors that contribute to the current global condition. It is not expected that anyone will/should agree to this expression. That is their right, as much as it is mine to express it here.

I as Jew, the money-lender; why should I let all the power over the masses remain in the hands of antiquated monarchist and czarist blue-bloods, along with their feudalistic minions, who siphon off the wealth of their nation-lands, to enrich themselves with the power such wealth beholds? No, it is time for the common-people to rise up in revolution, to seek freedom derived from a human-right to dictate their future and that of their off-spring, in fairness and equality to the toil they endure, that they may enjoy the fruits of their harvest as a God-given right.  This freedom I will label Democracy that relinquishes the right to the masses, that they may choose to expend their new found wealth as they see fit but, behold, to ensure containment of the power that naturally aligns itself with such accumulation of wealth, I the Jew, will infuse my principles of Usury to ensure that this power remains in my hands. As for the common-masses, these new perceptions of freedom to direct their lives and accumulated wealth will blind them to my ambitions that will be served up to them as creations of invention of goods that easily supplant the basic needs of survival and catapults them into the insatiable realm of wants to be known as Consumerism.  This latter and relevant component to my devious plan will be cultivated and served in appropriate doses, camouflaged and controlled by social institutions such as industry, commerce and communications of all forms that I will call Capitalism. Opposition to this societal construct such as socialism, liberalism, communism will no doubt manifest but their dominance is limited by ensuring the policies and objectives of the institutions that are the fabric of capitalism cultivate the desired environment to guarantee success by infiltration of all levels of legislative, judicial and political functionary of an economic global society to be achieved by ownership of the institution of global currency that will fund and infuse my wealth of power and let it be know: he who controls the power to manipulate money, controls the fate of any nation. And attempts to subterfuge these globalist plans of dominance, now long entrenched as to be invisible even to the seeing; will suffer the wrath of war on all fronts that define social-order by inciting and inflicting nation upon nation or uprisings of internal, conspirator revolts.  Ultimately, the direct control of all peoples, of all nations will be mine the money-lender I the JEW.

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