Transiting Stardom


Yesterday, I was no one,
Another common face on the street.
Then, with a gift of talent I’ve been given,
I’m the one all seem to want to meet.

Catapulted to fame, wealth and glory;
It’s as much a surprise to me.
Mine is not that unusual a story,
I guess, I was just quicker on my feet.

But, now that I’m somewhat famous,
There lies a sad irony to this claim to fame.
The true friends who knew me back when,
Don’t treat me the same.

They say I am now different.
I ask: `Different in what sort of way’
They hesitate, then answer:
`You have a presence, your words can sway’

I look to my mirrored reflection
What I see is the person I am
Why should celebrity make me different
For I am the same person within

Funny, we all glamour to shine above the rest
But once it happens and recognition is finally won
Those with whom we most care to share it with,
Are first victims to transiting the realm of stardom.







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