Defiance Reward

I have the enjoyment of some entertaining and stimulating dreams. Last night I awoke from a dream that had a visceral feel about it that I wanted to capture in some way. Hence this:

A caged room of men with nowhere to go
Captured by one disturbed with virile power to show
The gun in his hand-made sure this fact to know
The tension made palpable by not knowing when he’d blow

An anxious cough came from the back of the room
The man’s villanous eyes scanned looking from whom?
Coyly waving the gun in defiance – suggesting one’s fatal doom
No one dare stir knowing one of them is to die soon

Sadistically pointing the gun from one victim to another
Each failed pull of the trigger making the room shudder
Cowering in fear with nowhere to take protective cover
Some cried the lord’s prayer, others last love for their mother

The mad-man stalked about absorbing all his generated fear
He had some twenty men that moments ago toasted his cheer
Now they sat quivering not knowing if their death was near
Save for one standing in defiance, to make the point clear

Approaching the man standing, gun pointed to his head
The simple pull of the trigger, in seconds,  the defiant one  would be dead
But a strange thing happened, something else instead
The mad-man embraced him knowing a true brave man he’s bred.

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