3/11 – Japan’s 9/11

In the course of an afternoon surfing for whatever, I came across some information that I believe credible to warrant bringing forward in the event those who may find them-self here at my blog may wish to purse for themselves.

The subject addresses the possibility that the March 11, 2011 Japan earthquake that killed thousands and property damage into the billions was not caused by the 9.1 magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami.

I am sure most would say ‘oh here we go again – another 9/11 type conspiracy theory’ but, if you look at the evidence, it does suggest something is not quite up to snuff in light of what has been and continues to be reported.

First off, view this video

As you see it was recorded from a camera onboard a car just as the water from the tsunami begins to flow into the port town.  What is forgotten is the fact that a purported 9.0 magnitude earthquake has just struck the region followed by the tsunami. If that was fact, why is there no damage and why are cars driving as though nothing had happened, business as usual let alone a 9.0 earthquake that should have devastate this region long before the water flowing in the streets. (Check out Wikipedia for description on the affects of a 9.0 magnitude earthquake)

As a comparison here are pictures of Kobe Japan earthquake of 1995 the worse as of that date at 7.3 magnitude.

7.0–7.9 Major Can cause serious damage over larger areas. 15 per year
8.0–8.9 Great Can cause serious damage in areas several hundred kilometres across. 1 per year
9.0–9.9 Devastating in areas several thousand kilometres across. 1 per 10 years (est.)

This is but one example of how, as most of us have never experienced such an event, are willing to assume what we are being told is the truth and forget to impose ‘common sense’ into the equation while viewing these types of videos.

Research other video’s posted on You Tube and as you do ask: why is there no damage to the buildings small and large if an earthquake had struck before the tsunami.

Here is a comprehensive examination of such questions being raised. prepared by web site http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/fukushima1.html

Once having reviewed this plausible evidence, it still leave one disturbed to believe that such a crime could/would be perpetrated on countless thousands of innocent Japanese peoples. But given that countless thousands of innocent lives have been destroyed in Iraq, Afghanistan and several other countries for hegemonic driven ideals, one need not be too surprised.

This rational examination of what the Main Stream Media conveys as truth need be taken to heart given what is currently brewing with regard Israel and United States plans for Iran.

The only real truth to be believed is that which is spoken from your mouth alone, all else has the culpability of being a LIE!

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