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Voyage to Fate

Upon entering Cabin 612, an eight by ten room
Little did I know, it would be my doom
That water would seep from every crack
Then the moment arrives, I’ll never be going back
Alone I will wait for help to arrive
But none will come, I’ll struggle to survive
As the last light finally flickers out
I’ll be over come with fear and try to shout
But no one will hear, for they have all gone
I nervously start to hum my favorite song
The water will rise leaving just a pocket of air
How much more of this will I be able to bare
With a sudden surge, water filling the room
Little did I know, it would be my tomb

Times like these suggest life is guided by fate
There seems little room for counter debate
Innocent, guided by optimism and pleasure
Life itself offering so much to treasure
Then unbeknownst, unannounced
From out of nowhere death does trounce
In less than an instant all is lost
For no matter of reason, no matter of cost
Times like these you know life is guided by fate
There is no room for counter debate.

A dedication to those who died alone on the
fateful Costa Concordia pleasure cruise


New Prosperity-Era Of Goodness

Stranded by this moment of divinity
I search my soul for an answer
Looking to the ancient of beings
Whose wisdom and knowledge
Permeates amongst living souls of today
Reflections of the pain that brought us here
Yet unresolved to the matter of the heart
Tribes of humanity on the same path
But blinded by the shared light of ignorance
Lubricated by the concepts of hope and faith
While wallowing in the desires of physical indulgence
Is it these elements that conspire?
To give cause to lament
Restricting progress to purpose
Fusing collective consciousness to a state of chaos
Rendering masters of devious plans contrived
Fueling their power of manipulation
To structure an existence that renders futility
Futility of mind and body
Enslaving the wealth of individual souls
To beckon a higher order of divinity
To wash away these faults of sin
Is to mimic a child’s fantasy
For the power to render a new end
Lies in the depth of each mind
For the charge to this call
Is embodied within each new generation
Stored within the cellular equation
That manifests a worldly direction
A direction implanted by the origins of all
Scripted to an awakening of mind
With language’s meaning encrypted
Encoded to wisdom’s lock
That only time prescribed to understanding
Will find its combination to freedom’s wale
That which lies to manifest upon discovery
Will dissolve the shackles that now bind
Opening the gates of golden light’s enlightenment
Rendering the full power of humanity’s energy combined
To pursue at light-speed to new beginnings
Beginnings as yet undefined by words that exist
That harken a new era of prosperity of goodness
That lies beyond the power of mortal souls to conscript

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